Rock Energy & Catchy Melodies. That's how we call our music.

Seven Nation Army (sometimes abbreviated 7NA) is a Polish rock band formed in 2006 in Cracow (Poland).  The band was founded by guitarist  Jarek Balsamski, who has been the only constant member throughout multiple line-up changes. The latest line-up consists of Jarek Balsamski (guitars, music, lyrics, vocals) alongside Olga Ostrowska  (lead vocals), Rafał B. (bass guitar), Szymon Aleksander Piotrowski (drums) and Piotr Sadowski (guitars).

The real turning point in the band story was the publication of songs on the popular website (in 2007). Songs published on band’s profile were soon enjoyed by many of listeners, mainly from USA and Western Europe. Songs also started to be airplayed in American and European independent radio stations. In addition the song "Foolish Game" was released on a compilation in the USA (Savage Jaw Records - International Compilation Volume 1, 2008).

In June 2010 the band released debut EP "Heavy Guitars & Sexy Vocals”, mixed and mastered by American producer CJ deVillar.

In August 2013, the band released their first studio album entitled "Cold", containing 12 tracks in the style of energetic and melodic alternative rock. The album has been rated 3 stars (of 5) in the top rock magazine in Poland "Teraz Rock" and 7 (of 10) in the top guitar magazine in Poland “Magazyn Gitarzysta”.

In December 2018, the band released their second studio album entitled "Secret", containing 9 tracks, still in the style of energetic and melodic alternative rock, this time with more melodic guitar parts and a wider range of vocal parts, including rap. The album has been rated 4 stars (of 5) in the top rock magazine in Poland "Teraz Rock".

In August 2020, the band released the first ever EDM track (Now I Know). And for the first time with Jarek Balsamski as the lead vocalist and Olga Ostrowska singing opera-style vocals.

In September 2021, the band released their first song in their native language (Polish). It is definitely a rock protest song, which was created from the need to shout out anger and opposition to what is happening in Poland and in the world in recent years. Justyna Bardo, known from the "Voice of Poland" program, sang for the first time with the band as a guest singer.

In September 2023, the band released a new single "Something Changing in Me (Electro Time)" in the style of 80's electropop with strong rock accents. This is the first song for planned album "Electro Time".

All songs by Seven Nation Army are available on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal and many other streaming platforms. Some of them are available on YouTube as music videos.